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About us

Founded in Lviv in 1990 with the international support, the Elita Rehabilitation Centre has become the very first medical institution to put the System of Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation, known as the Kozyavkin Method, into medical practice.

The rehabilitation centre's favourable location in the green and isolated area in the close vicinity of the city centre definitely adds much to both patients and medical staff here feeling more comfortable, secure, and relaxed.

The uniqueness of the centre lies in its exceptional technologies in the field of medicine having been put into practice from the very beginning of the centre's activities. Thus, the Elita Rehabilitation Centre has become the first medical institution in Ukraine provided with the computerized electroencephalography equipment suitable for Brain Mapping.

Today, the rehabilitation centre can be deservedly perceived as a powerful base for conducting in-depth and extensive research on physical therapy, including the development of new methods and technologies for rehabilitation on both theoretical and practical levels.

The fundamental principles for load dosage during therapeutic procedures in the INRS program were developed thanks to neurophysiological studies of brain functions, and studies related to characteristics of cardio-vascular and respiratory systems in patients suffering from organic lesions of the nervous system.

In 1998-2000, the employees of the center worked out a pilot project – "Assisting Children with Behavioral Disorders and School Adaptation Difficulties” – which highlighted the effectiveness of the Kozyavkin Method for treating such children.

In recently years, Ukrainian versions of internationally known child development tests were prepared and put into practice – the Gross Motor Function Measurement test (GMFM), the Pediatric Evaluation Disability Inventory (PEDI), and the development screening test, DENVER II.

It is in the rehabilitation center that we completed the newly-developed program – Early Rehabilitation for children at risk of cerebral palsy. Thanks to concerted work carried out by various specialists, we have managed to achieve real progress in halting neurological disabilities in these children.

One of the subdivisions of the rehabilitation center is the information and analytical center that is responsible for actively promoting our rehabilitation system in other countries. Our employees conduct operational analyses of new achievements in the medical world, and they also develop and implement new information technologies into actual medical practice.

In November, 2004, we began organizing regular sessions of Internet teleconferences through video communication. These sessions are used to organize work meetings between employees of our branches in Lviv and Truskavets, and with medical institutions in other countries. Conducting video consultations with patients over the Internet enables us to resolve medical questions much more quickly and give the patients suitable advice as quickly as possible.